Going… going…g….!

This blog / domain is up for sale. All good things, etc…… and so after 6 years of running this blog I have decided to hang up its boots. My heart is no longer in this blogs original ideals....
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Why Use a VPN?

There are many good, honest and valid reasons to use a VPN but prime amongst them is security. Security of your data, your connection and your location are just some of the benefits. Recently Ironsocket contacted...
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Social Media Privacy

The old adage of the ‘only way to secure social media is to not use it’ or perhaps to not publish to it. In short, if you publish something, anything, then unless you are an absolute control...
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Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

I’m humbled to say that because of one of my friends across the waters – cheers Greg – I found out this little blog has placed in a “Top X”. Not only is it in the list but...
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2014 Onwards…

I have some questions for any of you out there. It’s about this blog and its future (or not). 1. Do you read this blog? 2. If I revitalised it would you continue to read it? 3. If I were to go ahead...
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VPN Services for Free with Kepard’s Giveaway

  This is an era in which online security has never been more important and yet so challenging to obtain. Hacking is growing to be a common issue, and that opens the doors to malware, viruses, and...
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